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How do we make vehicles amazing?

With the help of three different types of treatments


PPF sticker wrapping 

PPF - Paint Protection Film, is a coating with a thickness of 200 microns that provides perfect protection for the vehicle against scratches, abrasions, opening doors and flying stones on the road.

The PPF coating has an 8-year warranty.

The basic coating is completely transparent, but today it is already possible to apply a coating in a variety of colors.

You can wrap a complete car, but you can also wrap individual parts such as: doors, fenders , etc.


Vinyl coating for a car

The world of fashion has come to the car!

Allow yourself to dream big. Today it is possible to wrap the vehicle in the vinyl coating and change the color of the vehicle to a very wide variety of colors. In addition, you can choose different brightness levels.


Ceramic nano coating

Turn the vehicle into a sparkling jewel with a spectacular shine!

We live in a world of many pollutants that greatly damage the color of the car.

Today there are many products in the category but not all of them give the right answer and especially in our small and hot country where the level of exposure to the sun and air pollution is very high.

With us you will find only the best materials  adapted to the Israeli climate The nano coating protects the vehicle's paint from mud, dust, bird droppings, acid rain and even fine scratches.


Keeps the vehicle clean for a long time.

Preserves the color in the car and gives a shiny look for years with proper maintenance.

Nano coating can be done on vehicle parts including plastic, leather, windows and rims.

More treats on the way

What indulgence is suitable for your car?


Detailing the interior of the vehicle

With the help of our excellent equipment and the special materials intended for cleaning the interior of the vehicle, the interior of the vehicle can be completely renewed.

Among other things, we offer cleaning of leather/fabric seats, special cleanings to eliminate the smell of cigarettes and a variety of other special cleanings.


Polishing headlights

Polishing headlights in a special process results in a completely new headlight. It is recommended to perform not only before a test, a cloudy flashlight prevents the dispersion of light, and in the dark does not give the light that is important to us for safety.

In addition, the flashlight can be covered with a transparent or blackened sticker.

מה אנחנו עושים

It's time to wash your eyes

and dive into some of the studio works

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Behind the Scenes studio, nice to meet you​

Welcome to my studio, my name is Tal Tzemach, after about 15 years in the field of detailing and painting I decided to open this beautiful studio located in Ramat Hay'il, Tel Aviv.

Be sure that at my studio you will receive work at the highest level and special and pleasant customer experiences.
My great advantage is a lot of experience in the field of detailing and in addition a certification in "car painting" by the Ministry of Transport and the Association of Garages, thus the understanding of car paint treatment is done in the most professional way.

A person who works only with his hands is a laborer, the one who works with hands and mind is a craftsman, the one who works with hands mind and heart is an artist.

 Want to get a quote?

No need to come to the studio. Send us photos/video in daylight around the car and send to us.

We guarantee that we will match you with the right and best treatment for your car.


Delivery to the studio in the northern Tel Aviv area and the surrounding area is possible. ​

צור קשר
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where are we

And, how can we be reached?

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00

Friday: 08:00 - 13:00

​Saturday: rest 

14 Raul Wallenberg, Tel Aviv

Phone: 052-8023122

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